Daily Rice and Chicken

Olay – olay-olay-olay!

Travis Hill playing soccer on the Bosnian teamMy heart and prayers go out to my brother, Travis, right now as he is in Europe, trying out for a professional football (soccer) team. He arrived in London the morning of the bombings. Mom and Dad called a number they saw on t.v. so that if he arrived at a hospital, they would call us. We waited anxiously for quite a while, but then received an email from him saying he was alright. He and a friend had waited in line for bus tickets when they found they had been waiting for a long time in the wrong line. They got in the correct line but, by then, a bus had been bombed and transportation was shut down all over the city. Thank God, he’s ok!

Currently he’s in Belgium, but may be headed to Holland if things don’t work out with getting to play on a team that can give contracts. Go Travis! We’re dang proud of you!