Daily Rice and Chicken

Star Wars @ OMSI: The Hills Strike Back

Seeing the Star Wars exhibit once wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to share it with with my family too, so we all gathered there on the Friday morning before Christmas. The crowds and traffic were a challenge, but we took the place by storm.

My youngest brother, Rex, flew in from NY the night before, so the first thing I did was hug him and make the whole family pose for a picture together. The rest of the day can told through the photos.

I kidnapped my brothers for the rest of the day and took them shopping. We stopped by David’s work to take a ride on the Segway, and finished the day playing games at my middle brother, Cory’s house. Rex, Cory and I were masterfully absorbed in our UNO Stacko game, and it was getting pretty intense as the tower wobbled perilously yet still stayed standing. Just as Rex finished a near impossible move, the front door swung open and Cory’s roommate, Byron gave a warcry yell as he jumped high into the air. I saw the whole thing in slow motion in my mind, yelling “Nnnnnoooooo!” and then WHAM!! He landed with a thud and the UNO Stack came crashing down amidst our cries of dispair. One of those classic scenes in a cartoon or sitcom, for sure. We finished off the night with some Balderdash and Apples to Apples. Some of the definitions we came up with for Balderdash are worth mentioning here:


  • A Transylvanian parasite for deer
  • Dracula’s less successful younger brother who popularized the “hicky” but somehow was himself forgotten
  • The real answer: a double chin


  • A term coined for hairy surfers of the late 70’s
  • What a dyslexic dog’s bark sounds like
  • An animal’s cover, ususally refered to simply as fur except when you have repeat repeat syndrome syndrome
  • The real answer: flakes of dandruff

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