Clearing the Cache

Benson Tech Show

Double-headed CamryComing up with my high school 10 year reunion, I wanted to see how the school has changed. The Benson Tech Show is a huge open house for the school. It’s an opportunity for the family and community see what makes Benson unique as a technical school.

I’m glad that someone in my family goes there now, while some of the teachers I had are still around. My uncle was proud that Jack and I went to Benson, and while it isn’t the school it use to be (and even less so I heard, if Benson loses its funding to have its technical shops), I’m thankful for the family link and tradition.

I brought my camera for pictures, but didn’t take too many before I left for the evening. Walking through the high school brought back a familiarity and foreign awareness, especially all the projects that were on display. What was different was the amount of computerized machinery in the metal shops. I suppose it’s a sign of progress.

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