Picture This

Jenni and Friends

As part of Jennilyn’s birthday party, we took pictures of her and her friends to commemorate the day and also get a little goofy. Thanks to all her friends for being patient while I got my gear set up properly.

Mary and Jenni
We have a spare bedroom in our new house that I’ve purposed as the photo room. However, after this shoot, I realized that it was too small to get adequate distance from subjects. But for closeup portraits, it worked pretty well. I had some light contamination from the window.

Top: Mary Wachsmuth
Right: Clark Wachsmuth
Below Clockwise: Tracy Fuller, James and Leah Brandis, Jack Lim, and Mai Vo
Clark and Jenni
Tracy and Jenni
Jenni, Leah, and James
Jenni and Mai
Jenni and Jack

With Tracy’s Goofy Hats

Clark and Jenni
Jenni and Mai
Jenni and Leah and James Brandis
Jenni, Jack, and Jesse
Mary, Tracy, and Jenni