Illuminated Bike Ride

Ever since the first Portland Winter Light Festival that I learned they had an illuminated bike ride, it was on my list to do.

After years of poor weather or scheduling conflicts, I finally joined fellow wheeled enthusiasts who decorated their wheels with vivid creativity.

My bike was already strapped with multiple lights to help with winter visibility for my commute, but I added a RGB photography LED to my handlebar and strapped a bubble machine to the rear rack.

This was the first video I created where I used AI-generated music by Suno. It’s impressive that it can take a text prompt and create something usable, though quite short.

One the most rewarding and difficult parts of making a video is finding the right music. The free library on YouTube does a decent job providing a wide range of moods and tempos, but they often lack lyrics.

The songs generated by Suno includes lyrics, and while they don’t mean anything, it does provide a different flavor.

The problems I ran into were that the generated songs were only forty seconds long unless I extended them and I had a limited amount of credits.

Despite these shortcomings, I’m excited to experiment more with AI to fill in the gaps to make my videos more engaging. And sometimes, a song with lyrics matching the video content is the missing ingredient.