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Top 12: David’s Thoughts

Nigel’s statement summed up the season for me, just before announcing who was going home, that they were looking for stars. All the dancers this seasons were technically great dancers, but not many of them were stars.

I’m not surprised at who went home this week. Although I’m saddened that Caitlin didn’t make the top ten, she was the obvious choice among Jeanine and Melissa. She never met my expectations, both in her routines and her solos.

I was surprised but in agreement afterward that Phillip was cut as well. He’s amazing at what he does and hip hop. That’s about it, he’s not able to do the rest. Considering the show’s heritage with last season’s winner being a-popper-who-could-do-it-all, Phillip is not quite up to snuff. Still like the fella though.

The top twelve gave strong performances overall. Here were the few that really stood out.

Kupono and Kayla in Mia Michaels’ Contemporary about Addiction

I enjoy the routines that tell a story—even more when it’s deep and meaningful. Mia Michaels tapped into a very sad and painful topic with this routine. I think it’s one of her best and wouldn’t be surprised if she won an award for it.

From the hand on Kayla’s face, keeping her from reaching up, Kupono’s sneer, and false tenderness, I had chills of the empathetic kind for those enslaved by addictions that destroy not only the addicts life—but all their loved ones.

[flv: 630 437]

Phillip and Jeanine in a Jive

Jeanine stole the show on this routine. Phillip survived, but Jeanine’s flirtatious spirit kept the routine engaging.

[flv: 630 437]

Brandon and Janette’s Argentine Tango

I don’t think Janette is as sexy as Chelsie Hightower from last season in her tangos, but she and Brandon did a great job on this Argentine Tango. Brandon looked a little stiff but Janette embodied the attitude. I give credit to the choreography for making it look like social dancing with a few well timed tricks.

[flv: 630 437]

Top 10 Predictions

So now, we have the top ten dancers. From the guys, I don’t think Jason will last long. He’s too much of a “pretty boy” and has not done anything amazing. I recognized him from last season and while I was glad he tried again, nothing I’ve seen so far leads me to believe he has what it takes.

Evan has not been reviewed well lately. He does the routines “good enough” but it might only be good enough to get him voted off sooner.

Between the last three guys, I think Brandon and Ade will be the final male leads.

As for the ladies, Melissa stands a chance to make the top four. She has done each style superbly. I can also see Jeanine making the top four.

Kayla, Randi, and Janette is a tough call. Janette has also been a very strong contender, but I don’t think she will be creative enough in her solos to beat Jeanine.

Kayla lacks star power in her solos as well. She’s the judges favorite—as was Will from the last season, but he wasn’t America’s favorite.

Randi, she might be in the top 4. She’s got great looks and personality, but she’ll need to nail her routines in the top 10 before she can get pass the others.