Baby Violet

Violet Lim

We’re proud and ecstatic to introduce our new daughter Violet. We’re so happy that Kadie has a beautiful sister to play with. We’ll post the birth story later, we’re a little busy at the moment admiring our new baby.

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Oh my gosh! Another girl, yay!:) By the way I love the name Violet. So beautiful. Just like your new little girl. Look at all that hair! Congrats Lim family!

Welcome to the world, little Violet!!!

May you one day appreciate how beautiful you truly are!

She’s so beautiful! I can’t wait to meet her.

Congratulations to your family!

she is so cute. Looks jsut like David!! only cuter!! Good Job jenni. Let me know when you want a meal

Love you guys.

She is so presious. Beautiful name. Take care mom and dad. Can’t wait to meet her. We are being overrun by girls. What a cousin gathering this will be….poor Owen. 🙂

I am so happy for you guys and so glad Violet made her appearence(late as she was)! I hope I get a chance to come and visit you all before I leave town!


Wow – Violet is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this info with all of us, when you all would rather be resting! I hope mama and baby are feeling okay. What a blessing!

Congrats David and Jenni. She’s beautiful!!! We hope baby and mommy are doing well. Wish mommy speedy recovery and we can’t wait to meet baby Violet.

Congratulations to your family! What a beauty and I LOVE her name! Enjoy and take care!

What a beautiful beautiful baby – and her big sister is too cute. I miss you guys. I’d love to see you and the kids.

Much Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl 🙂 and best wishes to the entire Lim family. She’s so beautiful!

Congratulations! And Happy Birthday to Jennilyn — looks like July will be a busy and happy month of celebrations for your family. 😉

Yippeee!!!!! I have been thinking about you guys and finally had a chance to get online to get an update (2 weeks after!!). We’d love to bless you guys with dinner – please let us know what we can do to help! Congratulations!!

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