So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 8: David’s Favorites

I’m starting to think I’m an old fogie since I’m agreeing more with Nigel the last few episodes. Tonight’s show was a lull for me. The opening number from Travis was ok, but nothing as spectacular as last week’s. However, the show skyrocketed to new heights in the last 30 minutes.

Jason and Kayla’s Zombie Routine from Shane Sparks

Seeing that I’ve been Left 4 Dead pretty consistently from its launch until Violet’s birth, I had a chuckle to this routine—though there were moments that were still disturbing. The makeup department gets props for Jason’s face and also Kayla’s black-streaks-under-her-eyes trick.

[flv: 630 437]

Ade and Melissa’s Breast Cancer Routine by Tyce DiOrio

To anyone who loved and cared for someone sick. Speechless.

[flv: 630 437]

My Top 4 Dancers

For the gals, I’m hoping for Janette and Jeanine. Janette nailed it tonight for me with her solo. Not only it was a slow song, she showcased her growth by incorporating contemporary and latin dance styles. Jeanine is a great actress as well as dancer. Her dancing evokes emotion and incredibly engaging.

Brandon and Ade are my bets for the guys, however, I get the feeling that Jason might beat out Ade. Evan is a cool guy, but he’s not versatile enough to be a finalist for me.