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Tim and Trina

Tim and Trina
Jenni and I had the honor and joy of photographing Tim and Trina’s wedding in September. Trina is a friend from dance who blessed us by DJing our wedding, so we were happy to turn around and be part of her and Tim’s celebration. It was a two-day event and their close friends and family made it memorable. That and the fantastic food at the reception.

I first met Trina at OSU while I was learning how to dance. Trina was already an accomplished dancer who is an excellent dance instructor. I only knew her by reputation for most of my stay at OSU until I got into west coast swing and befriended her then dance partner, Marco. Since then, my respect and gratitude for Trina’s contributions to the dance community has only grown, from working with her in choreography to running the Portland Swing Dance Club with her as my marketing and promotions director. She’s a sweetheart, artistic and technical, and a fascinating person to talk with.

Her husband must be equally amazing to match her, though my time with Tim has been much less since he is not an active dancer. I got to know him some when he hosted a board game party at his house near Beaverton many years ago. I credit that party as my springboard to a fascination with board games in the years that followed. Again, I mostly know him from his reputation and the stories I hear– one in particular— when he was slightly intoxicated, laying in the front lawn of his house in Corvallis. He was cold and yelled out to his friends (paraphrased and from my fleeting memory), “Someone bring me a blanket! I’d sell my mother for a blanket!”

Our best wishes to Tim and Trina for their life in love with each other. They were one couple we had been hoping would tie the knot someday for many years. My favorite reaction to their engagement news came from our dear friend Thuy, “What? Pigs must be flying!”

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Wow! Great pictures! I’d only seen a couple that Trina put up on facebook, thanks so much for posting more. And Trina, what awesome rings you two got. I love yours especially!

Lims, I hope you have a great thanksgiving. You should post more so I can stalk *cough* I mean, keep up with you through the internet:)

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