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Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra Concert

A good friend of mine, Tiffany, asked me to record her solo in her orchestra concert. This was a special event because trombones rarely have solos. It brings me back to my own experiences of sitting in the back of Clark College’s Orchestra, counting 90 measures and then trying to hit a clear, high C… “Ta TAAAAAA!”

Unfortunately, my little point and shoot camera cannot zoom while recording. And I started second guessing which song she soloed in, so I recorded Naftule. Then I saw the brass section featured in Water Music, so I had to record that! And then in the Russian Easter Overture, the correct song, I ran out of card space before her solo! Thank God Mary joined me with her high-definition camera recording next to me! She also handed me her point and shoot when I ran out of space at the end. SO! A little hashing together, and here we are!

Oh! One more thing: her next concert will feature themes from Batman, Band of Brothers, and others, including James Bond! Friday the 13th of May! Should be fun!

Naftule, Naftule Suite

[flv:tiffany-naftule.flv 630 473]

The Water Music Suite for Brass

[flv:tiffany-water-music.flv 630 473]

Russian Easter Festival Overture

[flv:tiffany-russian-easter.flv 630 473]

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Yeah!! Thank you sooo much Jenni! You did a beautiful job editing the songs. I’ll forward the link to Beth and Bobby!

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