Daily Rice and Chicken

Conversations From This Past Week

Bruce (4am): Waaa waaa waaa…!
Mommy: Bruce! Please, go to sleep! Why can’t you stay asleep? Every hour! Every half hour! Come on! Please sleep!

Jenni: God, help! I hurt so bad, and I’m so tired. Help!

Bruce (daytime): Waaa waaa waaa…! Achoo!
Kadie: Snot!
Violet: Boogers!

Jenni: Why are you being so nice to me when I’m being so mean to you?
David: Because it hurts more.
Jenni: Because it hurts more, you twit.
David: That would be stooping down to your level.

Jenni: I need chocolate.

Violet (at bed time): Chicken bras. Tee hee…
Kadie: giggle giggle
Violet: Chicken boobs. Tee hee…
Kadie: giggle giggle
Mommy: Chicken bras for chicken boobs.
Kadie & Vi: giggle giggle laugh laugh

Mary (at dinner): Amelia got sick in the car.
Jenni: Oh! I hate cleaning puke out of car seats with a passion!
Mary: Yeah, we are using her booster seat now.

Jenni (after dinner): Bruce is too big for his car seat. We are thinking about moving Kadie into a booster a little early.
Mary: You can use Amelia’s car seat. It’s a little cleaned out.
Jenni: …..hmmm……

Jenni: Mary was telling me about the time she ordered a mild dish at a Thai restaurant, and you corrected her saying that she wants baby-food-bland, not mild.
Tracy: Oh yeah.
David: Baby food is bland?
Jenni: Yes, no salt or spices. Just plain vegetables or fruit. I like tasting veggies without the salt.
Tracy: I wish I could be as pure as you.
Jenni: I don’t think so!
Tracy and David: laughing
Jenni (backpedaling): No no! I mean I’m not as pure as you think!

Jenni (to Tracy): I like having my OCD friend help me fold laundry. Nice way to fold the kitchen towels!

Jenni: You know how I like to go to the store to escape my crying kids and then there’s other people’s crying kids at the store?
Tracy: Tonight those crying kids were yours?
Jenni: Yes.

Dr. Libby: You look red.
Jenni: I haven’t been sleeping much. Violet and Bruce have been sick this week. I was hoping to skip a week of appointments. What was I thinking?! Dr. Libby to the rescue!

Kadie: Mom! I don’t like movies about monsters! I would rather have a movie about Tinkerbell instead!

Vi (talking about veggie juice): This is tastes nasty.
Mommy: No it doesn’t. It tastes a lot better than the yucky stuff (herbs we take 3xs a day).
Vi: No, this is nasty stuff. Nasty!
Mommy: Take a sip anyways.

Kadie (late Saturday night): Ooh, there’s a lot a lot a stars! Mom? How do stars shoot? When are we going to see one?
Mommy: Oooh! There’s one! Did you see it, Kadie?
Kadie: Yes!