Clearing the Cache

Charlene and David’s Wedding

Charlene was chatting with my brother and me one late night two years ago. She was great about coming up to Portland to visit family between (or because of) adventures and I always try to get some time with her.

We were stewing around the dance of dating and relationships. It was a thoughtful discussion and I remember being confident that someday I would travel to California for her wedding.

Chatting with Charlene and Jack on April 22, 2019

Fast forward two years and six months, my family drove down to California to see her and her own beloved David exchange vows before God, family, and friends. We were all happy to celebrate her new stage in life. And Bruce was honored to be the ring bearer.

Her happy ever after was inevitable. My cousin Charlene is a sweet, thoughtful, caring, and bubbly adventurer. I’m glad she’s found a partner to grow deeper in the life God has in store for them. #ahchuiblessliu