Leavenworth Is Worth The Leave

For Jenni’s birthday, we visited the Bavarian-themed village of Leavenworth. She had a wish to attend a live production of The Sound of Music at an outdoor amphitheater and I’m glad we were able to make that wish come true.

We invited Jenni’s parents along for the adventure because we stopped by Ellensburg on the way home. Ellensburg is where Jenni was born and attended Central Washington University. Which coincidentally, is also where Jenni’s parents attended college.

Lake Wenatchee

We took a scenic drive up through highway 2 and stopped by Lake Wenatchee. It was a beautiful lake that we will have to visit at sunset in the future.

Jolanda Lake

Just before you enter into Leavenworth’s Bavarian town, Jolanda Lake comes along side the highway. It’s part of the Wenatchee River but its still waters gives a beautiful reflection of the mountains surrounding you.

Leavenworth’s Bavarian Village

There were several times we said that it was like Disneyland in that it was like we walked into a different part of the world. The architecture, signage, and food created an European atmosphere.

I’m glad that our hotel was within walking distance of the main street so we could walk to the village easily.

Enchantment Park

Just southwest of the village was a park alongside the Wenatchee River. The water was clear and peaceful.

Horseback Riding and Ziplines

Jenni has missed riding horses so she found a place to ride horses during our stay. Her mom, Violet, and Bruce joined her for a 1.5 hour ride while her dad, Kadie, and I took a zipline tour.

There were 5 ziplines in total, each progressively longer. There was a 640-foot zipline that crossed a canyon before ending on the 1409-foot zipline that took 45 seconds to ride.

The Sound of Music

The production at an outdoor amphitheater captured the magic from the movie we grew up watching. The songs got stuck in our heads for the drive home.