Picture This

Leavenworth in November

My parents arranged for us to join them this fall in Leavenworth since we missed their first visit there. However, we visited Leavenworth in July for Jenni’s birthday, so it became our second voyage to the Bavarian town in Washington.

Unfortunately, a weather storm came through and shortened our trip. The rain prevented us from admiring the scenery we enjoyed on our drive there, and it made for wet walks into town. Then the temperature dropped and we almost got snowed in.

We only stayed one night but we managed to visit the reindeer farm. Jenni thought it would be an unique experience and it definitely was something my parents wouldn’t normally do. The reindeers happily ate snacks from our hands but we had to be wary of their grown antlers.

Before we drove home, we stopped by their Christmas shop and it was four floors stocked with all manners of ornaments, decorations, and gifts.

Despite a trip that was disappointingly short, we were thankful to revisit the town of Leavenworth, share memories with my parents, and got a glimpse of what Christmas would be like there.