Clearing the Cache

My 44th Birthday Weekend

Four days of celebration for the forty-four trips I’ve taken around the sun. I’m grateful to have spent the time enjoying activities I love with people who love me all year long.

There were many big and small moments that made it a wonderful weekend. We had a few events planned, but allowed plenty of time to be spontaneous.

  • Friday night sleepover for the kids and our neighbor kids after the girls went to Aerial Arts class.
  • We splurged on a Chinese New Year LEGO set to build as a family to share my love of LEGOs with my parents. This year had one where there were two models to build, perfect for sharing.
  • The inspiration for the aforementioned sets was Jack’s tip that my birthday gift was the LEGO Optimus Prime. He gifted me with a generation 1 Optimus Prime three years ago. The LEGO rendition was an amazing build that can even transform without taking the model apart.
  • My parents brought a ton of hot pot ingredients over and we feasted for three hours. Even then, there were so many leftovers that I ate it for the rest of my birthday weekend. No complaints though!
  • To my knowledge, my mom has never built a LEGO set herself, but she was very quick to pick it up. She enjoyed building one of the displays and I can see doing future LEGO sets with her.
  • Violet suggested a family video game session with Heroes of the Storm. Jenni surprised us all with two MVP awards during our matches.
  • Biking and running with Jack is always quality time to check in and catch up. Even in the rain, it was a good time.
  • My family contributed to a new iPad Air and an Apple Pencil. I’m looking forward to exploring digital art this year.

And lastly, my lovely wife made me my own birthday video, of all the people and things that made it special.