Daily Rice and Chicken

Fort Stevens

The Wreck at Fort Stevens ParkDavid took the day off for my birthday and took me to the beach! It was a beautiful day at Ft. Stevens Park. I’ve camped there as a girl many times, so it was fun to show David the old shipwreck, the lake, and Battery Russell (old war fort). At the sea shore we hiked up the sand dunes a bit to find a warm spot away from the wind and watched a line of pelicans fly low inbetween the waves. We ended up taking a nap right there in the sand, and David got a cool V-shaped sunburn on his neck. We ate rice pasta with chicken at the lake, and watched some guys catch 2-4 inch long fish and throw them back. Then I took him to Battery Russell. The fort is made of cement and it is really dark in some of the rooms. Once, when I was little girl, I peered around a dark corner and saw a creepy man who was unshaven and dirty, who started laughing a deep “heh heh heh” that scared the stuff out of me. To this day, that place gives me the creeps, but for some reason I still go back.