Daily Rice and Chicken

Out in Nature

Our tentLast weekend, David and I went camping at Battle Ground Lake State Park. It seems funny to go there since my parents’ house is only a couple miles from there, but hey, it’s still out in boonies as anyone who’s driven to my house would say. The highlights of the trip were seeing my aunt with her sisters and a few uncles, a bunch of cousins, their spouses and kids, my cousins’ cousins, my parents and grandparents and my youngest brother, Rex. Well, lets just say there were lots of people, and some dogs, too.

I went hiking around with Rex so that he could get some video and still shots of the trail for a short film he’s making for a college class. He’s finishing up at the Art Institute of Portland, and will be looking for animation jobs for video games.

David and I collaborated quite well on the married couple’s test of putting up a tent together. We had fun cooking over fire and campstove. And we hiked all around the upper trail of the lake with Uncle Steve.

So, besides not sleeping much due to some intoxicated neighbors, we had a great time.