Daily Rice and Chicken

All the Chickens in the World

David makes me laugh. Just when I am tempted to feel “ho hum” about some mundane routine, he starts spinning tales and making light of everyday situations. For instance, my diet is limited by many food allergies. And so, while I try not to complain, I do get tempted to view the ever-familiar meal of rice and chicken as dull and repetitious… until David invites me into the world of imagination where I am a villanous chicken eater. Every place that I go… every state, every country of the world that I visit, is only to feed my ravenous hunger for ALL THE CHICKENS OF THE WORLD. I seem very innocent as I listen politely to conversation, until I learn that the stranger, friend, or foe is a chicken farmer. My eyes glint and my salivary glands kick into over-drive. “Chickens?” I think to myself. “Gotta get more chickens!”