Sneak Peek

Peekaboo through a box
We had a box of baby wipes out near Kadie’s play area. I got on my hands and knees and played peekaboo with her, poking my head out from the sides of the box. Then I was curious if she would figure out how to look through the pill-shaped holes meant for handles. I ducked my head and looked through. I smiled as her mouth appeared in the opening, then her beautiful eyes. I loved seeing the smile in her eyes.

Looking for Daddy
Looking for Daddy
Looking for Daddy

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The eyes have it over the nays (play on words of voting “I” s verses nays on such wonderful pictures. Here expression though limited to eye contact certainly defines wonderment and a vision of God’s gift of creation, body, soul and spirit. Thank you for capturing that in your gift of photography. Grandpa Jim.

Hi Lims!

Just wanted to share our excitement with you. The sellers have accepted the offer we put in and we’ll be home owners at the end of the month! It hasn’t really set in yet but we are so excited. Hope all is well with you. VA is turning out to be pretty nice but we still miss the west coast.

Love Tovah

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