Straight to True North

Happily Three Years After

Going into the third year of our marriage, we had major changes that were only a few months away. Six to be exact. We celebrated our second anniversary in China, and our first anniversary at Reno Dance Sensation, which made the expectations for this year very high. Thankfully, each anniversary doesn’t have to top the previous one by how far we travel, but how far God has taken us from the moment we said, “I do.”

Picture This

Umbrellas, Can’t Have Just One…

Kadie goes ZOOM
After purchasing a silver reflective umbrella as recommended by David Hobby of fame, I found that I wasn’t very good at getting the light I wanted for portraits. I guess I’m not as good as visualizing how light will reflect off the umbrella and light my subjects. I began to have second thoughts about which type of umbrella I should have ve bought.

Then I read a post on the strobist web site about how David now uses shoot-through umbrellas exclusively, so I had to get yet another umbrella. But I’m glad I did. The shoot-through umbrella is much more intuitive to use for me.


Kadence @ 6 Months

Kadence @ 6 monthsShe grows up so quick and yet it has felt like six months. Let’s see what she can do now:

  • She bounces and dances in the door jumper.
  • She laughs to funny sounds her mom makes with her lips.
  • She hugs our necks when we hold her tight.
  • She squeals and chirps to tell us what she thinks.
  • She has two cute teeth she won’t let you see. Instead she shows off her tongue.
  • She shows her two cute teeth as consolation prizes when she cries.
  • She grabs our face when we hold her close.
  • She doesn’t want to go to bed just like her daddy.
  • She likes to suck in her lower lip and let her drool waterfall.
  • She sucks loudly on her pacifier, whichever end she gets in her mouth.
  • She discovers her appendages everyday, and they are remarkable to her.