One Who Has Rhythm

Kadence is living up to her namesake. Our new after-dinner routine is to play some music and get our groove on.

Daily Rice and Chicken

My Sewing Project

My Sewing Machine
I’ve decided to do a sewing project for baby #2. Ever since using my cousin’s huge receiving blanket last summer, I’ve wanted some but didn’t want to pay a lot for them. So a $20 trip to the fabric store provided me with four big blankets and some matching burp rags. They sure look homemade, but I’m rather attached to them since the finishing stitch around the edges took me over an hour to sew for each blanket. Granted, most of the time seemed to be spent on trying to refill the bobbin. I guess it was good entertainment for David who kept laughing while hearing me grumble or make strong exclamations at the machine.

Not to complain, though. I’m thrilled to get my Grandma Hill’s old Pfaff machine, which my parents and Rex chipped in to get repaired. It was an expensive Christmas/birthday gift, more money than it costs to get a new cheap machine from Costco or somewhere. But the Pfaff is also worth quite more if I sold it. I don’t know that I will sell it ever. It’s a link to a very dear woman, and I can imagine Grandma sewing the stuffed animals she made for me.

Straight to True North

Silver Falls

Our wedding rings at Winter FallsFor our third wedding anniversary, we had planned to visit Silver Falls and spend a night at a rustic cabin, but due to health circumstances, we were unable to go.

I think it was better that we went this year, for our fourth anniversary, since we were able to go without a baby and spend two wonderful days alone together (thanks to Jessica and Jenni’s parents for watching Kadie last minute).

Oh yeah, Jennilyn was very, very proud of the photo on the right. And she should be 😉

Straight to True North

Happily Four Years After

It’s hard to imagine that we’ve been married four years. Where did the time go? We’ve been married as long as we were both in high school, a president’s one term in office, and the number of years between olympics. On second thought, four years was not very long at all—there are great blessings in each year.

Clearing the Cache

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter
We had a quiet Easter weekend with a Saturday night Easter service at Beaverton Foursquare Church and Easter dinner with Jennilyn’s parents. Kadie is an expert egg finder and future fighter pilot.

I got to relax with some video games, a little Left 4 Dead, Braid demo, HAWX demo, and Defense Grid demo. I was pleasantly surprised by Braid, the platformer had great music and innovative puzzles that played homage to other platformers while introducing a few twists.

We both wished we could have attended the Easter Swing dance convention, but thanks to a tip from Jack, the event was broadcast on the internet, so we got to see some great highlights.

That’s our Easter. We hope everyone had a safe and fun Easter celebrating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Picture This

My New Nikes

My New Nikes

Kadie has a fascination with shoes. She enjoys bringing her shoes from the front door to my computer desk and asks sweetly for me to put them on her feet. Or, she will take off my slippers while I’m wearing them so she can put her feet in my slippers.

I recently got new walking shoes as my old ones were very worn out. Kadie has been admiring my new treads and has made several attempts to walk around in them, like her daddy.

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