52,000 Words for 1 Year


Daffodils SmoochingSometimes I forget how special a simple kiss can be, but I’m quickly reminded when I am sick or have a cold sore. Because then I try not to kiss Jenni to keep her healthy. I’m sure there have been times we threw caution to the wind and kiss anyway.

Like our first kiss. Though we were attracted to each other, our difference in faiths prevented us from moving beyond a friendship. However, I went against her wishes and gave her kiss. Her commitment to God prevented us from kissing after that day. She did not want a kiss without a relationship with her and with the Lord; she wanted a man to kiss her when he loved her and her God.

Perhaps it seemed very serious to some, but we had different faiths, and we were both sensitive to each other’s feelings and not wanting to jeopardize our friendship.

Thank God that we only endured one month before kissing again. And it was like a first kiss again because, by that time, I had fallen in love with Jennilyn, but more importantly, I had discovered the source of love, Jesus.

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