Clearing the Cache

Goodbye Twenty Twelve!

During the Christmas holiday, I reminisced about the highlights and milestones for the year. I thought of what I was thankful for: a beautiful wife who loves me more every year, three wonderful children who I’m privileged as their father, generous friends and family who give us their time to walk beside us in good times and bad, an enriching career that can fully support our family financially, and a hope and faith to guard and lead us through the darkness in the world.

In addition to all those blessings, a few new ones emerged in 2012.


Happy Birthday Bruce!

Our little guy turned one today! To describe him in more than a few words: he’s strong, quite active, vocal with his deep voice, and so good looking!

Going from day one to today hasn’t always been easy. But there have been a lot of good memories that I’ve hopefully captured on this video. Enjoy!