Clearing the Cache

Stuck in a Blizzard… Game

I’ve been gaming more often since November. The last quarter of the year is stressful at work as we prepare our annual product catalog and the holidays. I find gaming to be a fun, stress-relieving activity. It’s gotten better lately because I’ve been able to play with coworkers.

The game I’ve played the most is Heroes of the Storm. I’m glad Blizzard created a game in the MOBA genre because their games are accessible yet deep. Most other MOBA games have too high of a learning curve. They would need me to practice regularly to proficient.

Next after that, I’ve been slaying demons in Diablo 3. I once thought that it had no longevity, but Blizzard stripped away its biggest flaws and strengthened its core experience. Playing with others is like going on a treasure hunt together, and you’re guaranteed to get something.

After all the gaming I’ve done the last few months, I recognized that I’ve been “consuming” and haven’t been “creating.” I’ll still play with coworkers and friends for the social element. But I’m hoping to engage in creative endeavors as well. Like playing LEGOs with my kids.