Clearing the Cache

Bring Your Child to Work Day 2019

It’s fun seeing my workplace through my kids’ eyes. They must imagine that I go in and play with toys all day. And in some respects, I do.

Vernier hosted their annual Bring Your Child to Work Day and my three kids look forward to it every year they’ve been able to attend. The scientists at Vernier orchestrate experiments, demos, and activities that are unparalleled. They have so much fun showing how much fun science can be. I’m always grateful for all planning, preparation, and enthusiasm poured into the young visitors.

Straight to True North

Happily Fourteen Years After

Something old. Something new. Lemons and lemonade.

For our fourteenth anniversary, the lead up to it wasn’t magical at all. Jenni and I had been miscommunicating and being frustrated with each other. She was also depressed that she was ill and not sure if she’ll be able to enjoy our anniversary. And Bruce and Violet both had colds, which meant that we couldn’t join Jenni’s family for the family Easter gathering. My grandma was in recovery from sickness, and my mom stressed out about how to take care of her. There was just a rainy cloud over our household.