Picture This

Jenni’s Red Shoes

Jenni's Red ShoesI smile when I see Jenni wear her red tennis shoes. Not only is red my favorite color, but they’re vivid and eye-catching. When I’m doing photography, it always seems that the red shoes are photogenic.

The top picture was taken in her brother Rex’s apartment after we finished taking our “Save the Day” pictures for our wedding.

Next, in her wedding dress at our reception, she had the red shoes on because they were more comfortable to walk in, but no one knew because her dress flowed over them. Regardless, she wasn’t ashamed to show them to the wedding photographer.

At the Portland zoo for my company picnic, I asked her to get into the photo booth so I could get a picture of her shoes. I think throughout this blog I’ll have a random post about her red shoes from time to time.

The bottom picture was at Long Beach when we visited Oysterville. I liked the story of the picture, it’s like watching a close one leaving you behind and moving on.

Stay tuned… the red shoes will be back!