Clearing the Cache

MAKE-ing Headlines

Our pirate pumpkin last year on MAKE's web site!Wow! Jenni and I are so thrilled to be featured on several blogs for our Pirate Captain Jack O’ Lantern! I woke up today, opened my blog’s dashboard to wipe off some comment spam, and found a reference from the MAKE magazine’s web site to our blog. I headed on over and saw a link to our own Captain Jack featured on their homepage!

Of course now, after several other news post on their site, our pirate pumpkin link is on the second page, but still, we’re very happy to be featured on their web site! For those who don’t know, MAKE is a publication that compiles do-it-yourself projects for people who enjoy putting things together and possibly have more time than money. My boss at work first introduced MAKE to me. It contained detailed instructions on building fun projects that were useful, or just plain cool. It had big geek factor.

If you’ve got a loved one this Christmas who likes to take things apart and put them back together, give them a gift subscription to MAKE magazine.

Thanks everyone who has enjoyed Captain Jack. We’ve received a lot of traffic this month on people searching for jack-o-lantern designs. We’re blessed that Jack is remembered so favorably.

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