Clearing the Cache

Happy Birthday Jenni!

We’ve got a big day today after last night’s late night party, we’re heading out to Jenni’s parents for their annual afternoon barbeque. We’ll be celebrating our baby shower, her dad’s retirement, and of course, Jennilyn’s birthday!

DTV Productions
Love of My Life” by Jim Brickman and Michael W. Smith

I had always wanted to create a homemade-music video. Jenni, Jack, and I had talked about it for some song where we would be in sunglasses and suits. Or something like that. So for Jenni’s birthday, I snuck out one day with her camera and recorded sequences of me lip-syncing to a song for her.

It was quite a challenge trying to do it all without her knowledge, but thankfully she didn’t figure it out. I had a hard time editing this project because I had to keep watching a video of myself trying to be romantic, minimally self-conscious, and missing some of the lyrics. But it was all worth it for the love of my life.

Happy Birthday Jenni!