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Our Merry White Christmas

Merry Christmas 2008

It’s been a white Christmas in our parts. We’ve had the most snow I’ve ever seen in my hometown. It’s been a challenge getting to and from work, trudging through thick snow and ice, hoping that the mass transit system is working. I’ve actually enjoyed the challenge, but sympathesize with those that the snow is a hardship. One of my coworkers has stayed at a hotel the past few days because water doesn’t work in her apartment complex. I pray that people are able to spend time with loved ones warmly and comfortably.

Jenni’s mom and dad normally hosts Christmas eve at their house and we all spend the night with all her family. With Kadence this year, all of Jenni’s family were generous enough to celebrate at our house.

I’m looking forward to the first Christmas where Kadie should be able to play with her presents. She’s been gabbing away and trotting around the house. It’ll be fun to see her play with her uncles.

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Slam Dunk

Kadie going for her dunk
When we were at the bowling alley last night, Kadie clapped to the basketball game on the television. When she looked at our toy hoop today, she grabbed her ball and looked to me to lift her up.

After assisting her for two dunks, I brought the hoop down from the kitchen cupboard door and let her make her own dunks.

Watch Kadie make her plays »

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Kadie in the Snow

Kadie has gotten too cold

It has gotten extremely cold for us but the blessing was that we have snow! Kadie has been really excited to play in it and we hope everyone affected is keepin’ warm!

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Kadie’s Going To Be A Big Sister!

Cute Babay Number 2That’s right! I’m pregnant! About 10 weeks. Due in the end of June. And NO, we’re not going to find out what sex this baby is either until he or she is born. In the words of Wesley from The Princess Bride, “Get used to disappointment.”