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Our Merry White Christmas

Merry Christmas 2008

It’s been a white Christmas in our parts. We’ve had the most snow I’ve ever seen in my hometown. It’s been a challenge getting to and from work, trudging through thick snow and ice, hoping that the mass transit system is working. I’ve actually enjoyed the challenge, but sympathesize with those that the snow is a hardship. One of my coworkers has stayed at a hotel the past few days because water doesn’t work in her apartment complex. I pray that people are able to spend time with loved ones warmly and comfortably.

Jenni’s mom and dad normally hosts Christmas eve at their house and we all spend the night with all her family. With Kadence this year, all of Jenni’s family were generous enough to celebrate at our house.

I’m looking forward to the first Christmas where Kadie should be able to play with her presents. She’s been gabbing away and trotting around the house. It’ll be fun to see her play with her uncles.

2008 Highlights

Looking back, we’ve had some major blessings from the Lord in 2008.

Our First Home

When we discovered that it was the buyer’s market early in 2008, we started to search for a house. Kadence was getting old enough that she needed her own room so that we could get sleep. We use to stealthily put her sleep in the one bedroom of our apartment, go out to our living room and finish up the day, then transfer her out to the living room so that we could sleep.

We had originally wanted to get into a house before Kadie was born, but it was too stressful during the pregnancy. It was still stressful and a bit of work to find a house with our requirements (3 bedroom, under $200k, and close to the MAX transit system), but the Lord provided and gave us a wonderful first home.

Wedding Bells for Cory and Arianne

Jennilyn’s middle brother enjoyed a summer wedding and we were happy for him and his new bride. They were married in the backyard of Arianne’s parents and we kept Kadence up way too late.

Baby Lim #2

Our biggest news is that Kadence will soon have a sibling to squabble with adore. Kadence has enjoyed babies and we think she’ll be a great big sister.

May the Lord Light the Way

There are tougher times ahead with the economy in the recession. My employers will be affected in the following years as school budgets are cut. However, they stay optimistic and aggressively approach our market with new strategies and no layoffs.

We’ve heard and seen the trials two kids will bring and will rely on the Lord to help us be the Godly parents He desires us to be.

We’re blessed with loving family, friends, and neighbors who have helped and supported us. We are thankful and grateful for each of them and wish the best times with loved ones during the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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