Straight to True North

Merry Christmas!

Kissing under a mistletoe at Peacock Lane

I’m looking forward to gathering with family with Christmas and seeing Kadie celebrate the birth of Christ. We’ve been doing nightly advent activities and I smile whenever I hear Kadie say “Baby Jesus” as she plays with our nativity set.

I am incredibly blessed that the Lord has given me the life that I enjoy, Jennilyn to love me with all heart, two delightful daughters who smile at me everyday, family nearby to visit often, and a generous job with fulfilling work.

Clearing the Cache

Coding InStyle

When my company moved from text to HTML e-mail newsletters last year, I found myself going back in time for web design. I had to toss out using semantic code and advanced CSS to create HTML e-mail designs that would be compatible with the wide assortment of e-mail clients. I was humbled as I would complain about cross-browser testing, but it was nothing compared to trying to design a HTML e-mail that would work for the varieties of e-mail clients. Needless to say, I’m glad I don’t do HTML e-mail designs all the time.

Picture This

Kids and Laundry

Kids LaundryKadie and Vi when they were about 5 months old and sitting in laundry.