Clearing the Cache

Site Design Getting Closer to Completion

Note: this post refers to our previous design of

Amazing what inspiration can come from one source then another then another. I worked on this layout for many hours late into the night before a work day and was dissatisfied with how my paper prototype translated on the screen. Then after some feedback from Jennilyn and Clark, I grew to like it, especially after making the colors more consistent.

I also found a cool css rollover trick that got me to incorporate the design element I’ve admired from Adobe’s CS product packaging. The trick is pretty slick because it allows me to create a rollover using purely css, no javascript, and is quick. The idea behind is when someone hovers over the image, the lower image is ‘shifted up’ on-the-fly. This also alleviates the problem of preloading images so people don’t see blanks when the rollover image hasn’t been loaded. An example of one of the images is shown to the right, it used to be the “Photos” background, but I used the current one instead because it allowed me to use white lettering to better balance the entire navigational graphic.