Clearing the Cache

Happy Halloween!

David and Jennilyn's Masquerade CostumesAh Halloween, the one day a year that people fund dentists their job securities dress up in costumes and pretend to be someone—or something— else. I’ve never been much for costumes, except when I was young because it meant I got free candy. As I grew older, I couldn’t go trick-and-treating unless I got dirty looks from people, so the costumes lost their appeal to me. But being married to Jennilyn comes with a young-at-heart spirit, so here I am getting in costume with Jenni at the Portland Swing Dance Club masquerade dance.

In celebrating our six month anniversary, we went to the dance at Norse Hall in our bride and groom attire, with some masks to hide our identities. Our friends in the dance community smiled and were very happy for our celebration.

Halloween this year is anti-climatic, but I’m not troubled by it at all. Jenni and I have had a long weekend bouncing around so we look forward to a quiet, peaceful Halloween where maybe some neighborhood kids from our apartment complex will visit us for treats—like carrots and celery.