What Am I Getting Myself Into?

Having a sense of humorAfter getting hooked on reading a lady named Dawn’s blog all day yesterday, I am inspired to rethink about my romantic notions of children. Of course, my excitement for our baby is authentically painted with love and happiness, but reading story after hilarious story about this woman’s life with her six children has made me remember that parenthood will be more than just cuddling a cute baby. Much more. Especially the more critters one has.

Well, I am gearing up for the adventure, and I’m so glad we are starting out with just one. Hopefully by the 2nd and maybe 3rd child, we will have learned from our mistakes with the 1st one (poor kid). But Dawn also inspires me to keep a sense of humor about life. I hope she will be able to finish her book. Gotta get my hands on a copy! I enjoy her perspective on the chaos that comes with child rearing. If you’re up for a laugh, check out her blog. I particularly enjoyed the entry about butt paste (Aug 28), and also her resignation letter to her husband (Aug 7). Also, her entries on July 10th (about pineapple) and July 2nd (things she’s learned)! I had to run to the bathroom to keep from peeing my pants!