Little Socks

Little SocksWe finished up the rest of the items the baby will need on Saturday. We picked up some socks and were just amazed at how small they were. Then again, everything was small—from the shirts, pants, and caps. I guess it’s good that they’re small, otherwise the baby would have a hard time getting out of mommy.

We’ve got just four weeks to go until we get to meet the little person who’s been growing in Jenni. In the last week, the baby has gotten much bigger overnight. Jenni’s belly is much tighter all of the time and we can feel the baby’s movements much more pronounced.

Little Socks on Jenni

Jenni told me that the baby now gains an ounce a day, and in the last weeks of pregnancy, the baby gains a pound a week. The baby is growin’! And yet, still small enough to put on these little socks =)

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