Clearing the Cache

An Old Haunt

I walked up to Jennilyn this morning for a hug and told her that I was looking forward to going to Fred Meyer with her and Kadence today.

“Visiting an old haunt?” She replied.

“Visiting an old honk?” I inquired.


Haunt? I suppose we’re getting close to Halloween, but I had never heard the expression ‘old haunt’ before. A quick search on revealed the definition Jenni referred to, number nine: Often, haunts. a place frequently visited: to return to one’s old haunts.

In looking back, the one-stop shopping Fred Meyer has been one of our old haunts. When Jenni and I courted, I would stop by the Fred Meyer in Battle Ground to pick up flowers, sweets, or a movie. On some occasions when Jenni had cabin fever, we’d make a date out of going to Fred Meyer.

After we married, one of our favorite date activities has been a one-two combo of Fred Meyer for Soy Delicious ice cream then Hollywood Videos for a movie.

So, yeah, visiting an old haunt. Learned something today.

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