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Will Work for Food

Jenni’s aunt Kathy gave us a $50 paper gift certificate for a food service that will cook and deliver a meal. It’s a very thoughtful gift for new parents since we spend so much time feeding, changing, entertaining, and enjoying Kadence that some of the routine chores, like cooking and cleaning, get neglected.

However, the gift certificate’s design looked a bit… how shall I say… unprofessional and lacking in design. At the risk of sounding like a snob, I would offer the suggestion to refrain from using 9 different font styles on one page.

Jenni and I visited their web site to see their menu. I chuckled listening to Jenni critique their web site design and layout.

Then the little voice inside my head reminded me that everyone has different talents and to not judge others based on their weakness. I have my own flaws too. And I’ve thought that instead of criticizing for someone’s weakness, I should lend a hand to help.

So I joked with Jenni that perhaps I could contact them and ask them if I could redesign their web site. And they could pay us with food. Then I could work from home and we wouldn’t have to cook. Sounds like a good idea eh?

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