Clearing the Cache

What’s in a Name?

David: Hey, guess what utility I found on today?

Jenni: What?

David: Fart!

Jenni: Pffff… hehe. really? What does it do?

David: Fart. Find and replace text.

Jenni rolled her eyes.

Last week, as I was perusing around Gizmodo, I came across a spoon designed for food-fights. It was awesome and I immediately thought of Jenni’s parents. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere online. I poked around the site and came across many other funny and delightful products. None all that useful, but I got a kick from some of their creative product names. Here were the notables:

I enjoy it when the product designers take the time to give their products creativity from all aspects—even the name. The company I think have the best product namers is Apple Inc. From “Rosetta” for their emulation layer, “Time Machine” for their backup system, “GarageBand” for music creation, “Aperture” for photo management, and “Bonjour” for networking, Apple’s product lineup have great names that are catchy and relevant to the product. Even though I don’t own any Apple products, I highly admire their design.