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God’s Valentine

I remember dreading Valentine’s day because I didn’t have someone to share it with. I would daydream about what it would be like. Then after being in my first relationship, I dreaded Valentine’s day even more because of the unrealistic expectations I had brainwashed myself into from the media. The special day of love was almost on the order of orchestrating the night I would propose. And it was annually.

Thankfully, from knowing God and walking with Him, I’ve learned that love is not based on performance. Jennilyn does not love me any less if I don’t outperform my previous gesture of love, whether it was the previous Valentine’s day or recent date night. Granted, if I forgot, she would be highly disappointed, and I would have to seriously reconsider my priorities and pursuits if I could not invest some of my time to my wife.

From Jennilyn’s love, I’ve gained and continue to gain insights on the magnitude of God’s love for us. Every day, I’m amazed at how Jennilyn strives to be close to me by spending time in things I enjoy, giving me advice respectfully, and balancing my over-seriousness with her glowing spirit of fun. Her life for God has blessed me beyond what I could’ve imagined, and I smile knowing how much Kadence is going to be loved by God through Jennilyn.

Valentine’s day became a unique day of love for me four years ago. It was the first time I told a girl that I loved her. In the weeks prior, I had been growing steadily in love with her, but I believed that it would never work out because God was between us. But God was between us because He was wrapping His arms around us and bringing us to Him. When I accepted Him into my heart, He brought Jennilyn and I together. We kissed, exchanged a meaningful “I love you,” and opened a new chapter of God’s story for us.

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