China Trip 2007 Videos: Part 1 of 8

There were many friends who were interested in what our China experience was like, so we put together videos of locations we visited. We presented our trip to our friends a week after we got back and also at my workplace.

The videos were too long to upload to YouTube or the now defunct Google Video, so we had not been able to share them on our blog. Until now.

I had been doing some research on embedded flash video players for work and came across a plugin for WordPress that made it simple to embed flash video. After a successful test and implementation, we can now show everyone the videos Jenni and I created about our China trip.

The first video is mainly about our arrival to Beijing and the Forbidden City. There are glimpses of advertisements for the Beijing 2008 Olympics and the strange foods we encountered.

[flv:01-forbidden_city.flv 630 473]

If you’ve never used this flash player’s controls before, beyond the obvious “play” button, you might try the full screen button for optimum viewing experience. It’s located left of the volume controls on the right side.

  • Title: The Forbidden City
  • Duration: 5:03
  • File Size: 30.2 MB

Stay tuned for the rest of this series, and if you’re interested in all the pictures from the Forbidden City, be sure to check out the album»

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apparently my computer is to ancient to view this but maybe i can check out pictures this summer!! we are prob coming out end of July begining of August!
see ya soon Jenni!

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