China Trip 2007 Videos: Part 6 of 8

My parents goals in our visit to China was to climb the Huangshan Mountains. They were a beautiful vista of rocky mountain tops that peeked out of a sea of clouds in the early morning. We had planned to see the sea of clouds, but we missed our flight out of Beijing and arrived a day later. While we missed that spectacle, when we did climb the mountains, we were greeted with sunshine, which didn’t happen very often.

The first part of the video shows us negotiating with the Beijing airport staff about us missing our flight due to not hearing the gate change announcement in a noisy multiple-gate waiting room. Then we move into the grand views of the Huangshan Mountains, which are commonly misinterpreted as “Yellow Mountain.”

Because it is too dangerous to fly supplies to the top of the mountain, workers climb the mountain every day with a heavy load of food and supplies. And for $1,000 US dollars, you could be carried all the way up.

There was also symbolism for lovers with padlocks on the chains that kept people from falling. The locks represented true love forever and it would be blessed because it’s high up and closer to the gods. We bought two locks as souvenirs, but we brought them back to lock them away somewhere we would be able to visit in the future.

Kudos to Jenni for climbing the mountains being four months pregnant. I know I couldn’t squat for the next few days after the hike, which made using the bathrooms in China a serious exercise of my legs.

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