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Top 18: David’s Thoughts

It’s really hard to top good things. Like the high of falling in love, having a great dance, achieving a lifelong dream, or sharing in fun times with friends—the past is too strong to let the present have a chance. That’s how I felt about tonight’s SYTYCD performances. None of the routines captivated me.

I tried twittering during the show to capture my thoughts, but I don’t think I’ll be doing it again. I found myself typing instead of paying attention to the routine in progress. While it was nice to recap my impressions before voting, I was less engaged in the couples on screen while they were dancing.

In the end, I voted for Kupono and Ashley because Ashley put on a great hip hop performance, they both weren’t in an outlandish costumes, and Ashley looked comfortable dancing. I’m glad Ashley never gave up and finally made it to the top 20 after 3 rejections. I’m curious as to where she was dismissed in the previous years.

Phillip, love your popping and locking, but your tango was comedic to watch. Hope you stay in the competitions after tomorrow night mate!

Kupono and Ashley’s Hip Hop

[flv: 630 437]