Daily Rice and Chicken

New Years Day Brain Dump

Trying to make pancakes using brown rice flour, rice milk, and no eggs makes crispy outsides but it deceives you! The insides are squishy glue! it’s better to fill the house with smoke from the waffle iron as it blackens the batter and makes for a super crunchy wafer.

Ni Hao Kai-lan is pretty cute… borderline annoying… but useful for learning Mandarin. Wonderpets is by far the cutest show ever. We watched them save the Nutcracker this week.

I had been thinking of taking the girls to Disneyland in a few years. But maybe we’d better take them to China while their ma ma and ye ye are still around.

One of my favorite sites, How It Should Have Ended, made me laugh pretty hard the other night. I didn’t care for Tron, but HISHE’s wrap up of it was great! Oh, and my new favorite video of theirs is How the Empire Strikes Back should have ended.

My 17 1/2 month old now says “me me” (excuse me) after she toots. My 3 1/2 year old sings the following regularly, starting with “Merry Kissmas Charlie Brown! Hark the angles sing gory to the new born king, peace on earth and mercy mile God and singers reconsmile, joyful …, join the triangle above the skies, with…., Christ is born in Bethlhem, Hark the angles sing gory to the new born king!”