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Good Morning

I had a lot of fun taking a photo a week for 2010. I’ll be putting up a gallery of the images soon on the blog once I decide what is the best way to present all 52 photos.

As I thought about new year resolutions and considered if I should continue taking a photo a week, I was inspired by the last photo of the week of 2010. The new year gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate the most important things in my life and choose activities that support them.

I was reminded again that marriage is not easy and takes work to make it everything God intended. So Jenni and I decided that a focal point each week where we can visually capture something about our marriage will be fun and definitely help us with our anniversary slideshow 😉

So here’s our first for 2011: “Good morning.” I love that Jennilyn greets me in the morning with a sweet kiss.

Good morning!

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I am so excited to see what you come up with! Love the new theme:)

Hope everything is going well for you guys! Happy New Year!

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