Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Game Time

I let her beat me at Street Fighter 4, but don't tell her thatI think one of the sexiest things about Jennilyn is the fact that she’ll play games with me—not just simple games, but fighting games, racing games, first person shooters, and real-time strategy games too.

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Sorry I haven’t kept in touch. You and your family are in my thoughts.I have been going through all of the Lim adventures of the last couple of years.Took me a while.You both are so fortunate to have each other and your beautiful girls. God has blessed you.I loved reading about everything ya’ll do. We are doing pretty good. Thinking about selling our house here on the lake and moving closer to the kids. We need to be where there’s good doctor’s also. Not much down here. I was thinking about flying to Jackson Hole this summer and staying with Rae Doty in her apartment but one of our twin granddaughters is getting married in july so that has priority. Can’t do both.Oh well,the good Lord willing maybe next year.Take care. Love and Hugs.

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