Clearing the Cache

Our Gifts from Christmas

Christmas 2011 Portrait

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We really appreciated receiving Christmas cards and letters from friends close and far. We will need to send out Christmas cards of our own next year to stay in touch with friends.

Our Christmas was mostly low-key since we’re caring for a newborn. Christmas Eve was busy with Jennilyn’s family coming over for a smoked prime rib dinner. It was fun sharing a meal with everyone and the time-lapse highlighted some great moments. The kids got an overdose of Christmas presents that spanned days.

Christmas day, my dad had a cold so we did not go to my parents house for dinner, but I did make a trip out to drop off their presents. We used Google+ Hangouts to show Bruce off to my grandma and extended family. Tracy and her dad came over for dinner, which was unique that we continued the Google+ hangout video conference to bridge our dinner time with my parents.

Tracy spent the night with us and we enjoyed Batman Begins since we had joked about my nickname for Bruce. Still a great movie. I’ll have to see The Dark Knight before The Dark Knight Rises next summer.

Here are some other Christmas highlights, in no particular order:

  • Having Christmas shopping mostly done before December was awesome. So much less stress.
  • Being home for Christmas for three weeks on paternity leave was almost like reliving my college years when I had three weeks off—except for the whole newborn thing.
  • Time-lapse videos bring out the funny and clever side of Jenni’s family.
  • Artificial trees are a great investment for people with allergies to pollen.
  • It’s way too much fun buying presents for your kids.
  • We smiled seeing our photography used in friends’ Christmas cards.
  • Thankful to attend Beaverton Foursquare’s Christmas Eve candlelight service. It is always magical.
  • My parents and I buying the same rice cooker for each other