Clearing the Cache

Davisms: A Homage to Dave Vernier

This Halloween, Vernier’s marketing department decided to pay tribute to our CEO and co-founder, Dave Vernier, by imitating some of his most famous sayings—davisms.

I’m assuming this davism is because the physics department design products that are very simple and straightforward. Hence, almost every physics product lacks any color outside of black or grey.

When caught showing his humility by cleaning up after others, Dave jokes this davism.

Ryan decorated one of Vernier’s sensor interfaces with glitter and glitz.

Dave Vernier says this davism to me quite often at the water cooler.

On the rare occasion when Dave comes to the Marketing meeting, he always begins his entrance with this davism.

A popular exit davism.

When the weather brings a downpour, the building’s weather station actually says “Raining cats and dogs.” So Dave Vernier would make sure everyone knows by announcing this davism over the P.A. system.

Christine Vernier, his wife, co-founder, and CFO usually get the honors of announcing upcoming babies at company parties. At one Christmas party, she began the baby announcement, but paused to add that it wasn’t her and Dave. Dave quickly followed up, “But we’re still trying!”

Another greeting Dave gives to people when he walks around the office.

Dave holds Christine with his highest regard.