Straight to True North

Getting Stronger

Recently, I posted the following on facebook: Air hugs are just as irksomely incomplete as playing only 7 notes of a major scale. Stay well everyone! Get rest, go exercise, stress less, pray more, laugh more, and of course…eat your veggies!

While this comment is referring to getting a cold this week, my family’s overall progress in health has been something I am so thankful for this year.

Here is a synopsis of what has been going on this past year:

Bruce was born last December.

In May we found out that all five of us were infected with the parasites I’ve had for over a decade.

Our family began an intense health regime including a strict diet, individually prescribed supplements, homeopathics, and frequencies (for treatments with Frequency Specific Microcurrent).

Stirring things up, and detoxing made everyone feel terrible. Taking on nurse duties for 5 people, much less all the normal duties of life, was exhausting and overwhelming. Thank God for both sets of parents and some dear friends helping us through this hell.

In September, Bruce tested to be in control of the parasites.

A month later, the rest of the family tested to be in control of the parasites.

All of us were feeling much better! I even began running again!

Throughout the fall and the holidays we indulged in sugar again. We all began feeling bad again. Boo.

And now, in January, we still have work to do but we’ve covered much ground! We are focusing on balancing our guts. We are currently reducing food sensitivities with some acupuncture point methods and keeping as much variety in our diet as possible.

While this past year has been a struggle, and while we still have weaknesses in our immune systems, in some ways, I feel we are healthier and stronger because of our challenges. I think my commrad moms are a little envious that my girls like to eat baby spinach out of a tub like eating chips out of a bag. We eat chips too, but generally, we aim for whole foods versus processed and refined.

I’m so excited to see how far we can get this next year. I still plan to be young by the time I reach 40!