Portland Winter Light Festival

You could say it was an “illuminating” experience.

Dad jokes aside, after I put the kids to bed, I drove out to OMSI to see the 2018 Portland Winter Light Festival. My adventure was inspired by three things: trying tips from Peter McKinnon’s video about night photography, missing the festival last year, and recording content for my vlog experiment.

In the video above, I used a few editing techniques I’ve been learning:

  1. Find a song first, then edit the video to the song (thanks Peter McKinnon)
  2. Blend two cuts with similar colors so the transition feels more natural
  3. Smooth out a cut with motion with a cross dissolve
  4. Speed up a section with cuts to the beats in the music (thanks Casey Neistat)

Vlogging isn’t getting easier though. I struggle to take photos and videos simultaneously, even with separate cameras for photos and videos. For a future vlog that involves photos and video, I might try making my first loop for photos only, then go back around again for video. If you’re interested in following along, you can see all the videos here or on YouTube.

The festival had a fun variety of spectacles to see and interact with. I did not expect a fire show, let alone two. I spent an hour and half just getting around OMSI before it was time to get home. I hope they continue this festival to continue each year as it is beautiful to admire what light can do and how it can show us beauty that may be hidden in darkness otherwise.

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