Clearing the Cache

Someday is Today

It’s been long overdue and been a long time coming.

My day job is working on Vernier’s website, so I didn’t want to burn out by doing web development on my own time. However, our blog has been a place for me to learn new things and experiment on ideas that I can’t at work.

WordPress, the open-source software for this blog, has changed dramatically since I first started using it in the early 2000s. And with its most biggest update to version 5.0, I’ve decided to leave behind my old-school web habits and embrace WordPress’ authoring tools.

Jenni and I wanted to tell richer stories on our blog than just words. Jenni has always had her hand in video, but I’ve only gotten deeper with video in the last few years.

Our new blog design and platform will incorporate our photos and videos with our words more seamlessly. And it should be friendlier to all screen sizes visiting our site.

Of course, no big transition goes without hiccups. You may find our older blog posts to be look a little funny or missing a thing here or there. To start writing sooner than later, I chose to launch our new site slightly less than perfect—but it’s done. So excuse the mess and thanks for reading.